Our Work

Socially and economically empowered women are now experiencing positive transformation. There weren't many opportunities for training in sustainable skilled vocations, we wanted to create a unique solution to develop lasting skills that sustain jobs and to grow their earning potential. The Hope Spring Project's Learn to Bake Project was designed to give women in India a second chance and a job with dignity in classic American baking and Cake and Cookie Decorating..

The Hope Spring Project (India)

Hope Spring Project is an Indian non-profit working towards the economic and social empowerment of vulnerable women. Hope Spring Project's mission is to see vulnerable women experience freedom and dignity and reintegrate them back into society. Through our flagship Learn to Bake program, every year 9-12 women are trained to bake classic American baked goods & cakes - and are offered jobs in our Social Enterprise 'Springstreet Bakery' or are placed in premier bakeries across the city.

Our Core Culture

For every girl that walks through our doors, we want to empower them to:

  • Discover their inherent drive to be creative and innovative
  • Learn the value of community, teamwork and interdependence
  • Gain the skills they require to flourish and ensure that they will be lifelong learners
  • Value and love people, including themselves, and learn to live with dignity as they show healthy respect to one another Always seek excellence and ensure that every product created meets the highest standards of professionalism


  • Every year 9-12 women are trained in Baking & Confectionery Skills.
  • Training supported additionally by life skills, health & psycho-social inputs.
  • Stipends given to the women to motivate completion of the training programme.

Springstreet Bakery (India)

Spring Street Bakery, is a Social Enterprise based in one of Mumbai's most thriving suburbs,. It primarily employs girls that go through our Charity - Hope Spring Project's Learn to Bake program.

Our Products

  • Spring Street Bakery concocts, creates and delivers the best-in-class American baked goods in Mumbai.
  • One of our specialties is our gourmet cakes. We make custom-designed cakes for corporate events, birthday parties and other important events.
  • Also, we create custom-designed sugar cookies with whatever theme our customer wants including cookies with corporate logos, company branding etc.

Our Services

Spring Street Bakery is an equal opportunity, fair wages employer that believes that their staff are the greatest advertisers of the enterprise and it's products.
  • Spring Street Bakery plans to expand it's current retailing from a walk in store to a full fledged cafe.
  • Spring Street Bakery would continue to provide delivery services across Greater Mumbai.

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